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  • Girton to Oakington cycle path

    Created by Philip Garsed // 3 threads

    Cambridgeshire County Council have a project to upgrade the existing Girton-Oakington cycle path. The upgrade is planned between the northern end of Manor Farm Road in Girton and Mansell Farm in Oakington (start of 30 mph limit), between which the majority of the route will be widened to ~3 m. There are no real proposals to improve the junction with New Road.

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  • Right turn from St Andrew's St into Downing Street

    Created by Anna Langley // 2 threads

    This intersection needs a right turn light for bikes turning from St Andrew's Street into the Downing Street contraflow lane.

    Doing so feels unsafe with buses coming up from behind, and little opportunity to get across the intersection.

    I'm considering setting up a 38 Degrees petition on the matter, but wanted to see if this issue had been campaigned on before.

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