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  • New Joint Development Control Committee

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    From the previous thread:

    Key information:

    The establishment of the new JDCC, composed of members from both South Cambridgeshire District Council and Cambridge City Council have now been completed and the previous JDCC has been dissolved...

    'In terms of the remit of the new Committee, some cross boundary sites have been included that were not within the remit of the previous Committee ... both Councils have adopted Local Plans which include specific policy designations – some of which overlap the Administrative boundary of the two Councils. Whilst both Councils have created a shared planning service, this does not change the statutory position of the two Councils as distinct “local Planning Authorities” ... The additional sites include the North East Cambridge Area Action Plan areas within both City and SCDC, Cambridge Biomedical Campus/Addenbrookes site and the extension of Peterhouse Science Park/ARM on Fulbourn Road.'

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