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  • Location Fees for Cycle Free Filming

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    "Anyone who uses the racks in St John's Street, Trinity Street, and King's Parade, may have seen notices about filming this week. They're suspending cycle parking for Wednesday and Thursday 'due to the nature of the filming'. The mind boggles" (Bev)

    The suspension notice (elevation, lifting?) says "We have been working with Cambridge council to achieve this. " This phrase probably means that the production company has negotiated a location fee with the city council for filming on Cambridge streets, and to film "bike free". If it is correct that the CCC represents Cambridge Cyclists, and in so far as our constituency bears the impact of this "suspension", we would be well placed to receive some compensation for the inconvenience forced upon local cyclists. 1000 £ or 2000 £ could buy us a lot of bike badges (pins), including blue ones of course

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