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  • Cycling near Babraham

    Created by JohnP // 3 threads

    A permissive path agreement has been drawn up between Cambridgeshire County Council, The Babraham Institute and BBSRC to allow the construction of a path through the parkland in front of Babraham Hall. At the same time the planning application by the County Council for the path to be constructed has been approved.

    The path will run parallel to the perimeter of the campus and have a hedge and fence barrier along its length to separate the public route from the campus grounds. All sections of the path will be 2.5 metre wide with a tarmac top.

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  • Lack of westbound cycle lane before M11 on Madingley Road

    Created by Ben Brierton // 1 thread

    The new road layout on the westbound approach to M11 turning on Madingley Road has poor provision for cyclists.

    Cyclists going westbound now have to take the second lane for a few hundred metres with traffic passing at speed on both sides. Traffic passing in the left lane will be taking the slip road onto the M11 and traffic in the second lane will be going straight on.

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  • Cambridge Station to Leisure park link proposed

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    A link, possibly involving a bridge, has been proposed for many years, to join the Station to the Leisure Park more directly.

    Cambridge Cycling Campaign does not at present have a position on the desirability of this scheme, but it is worth us keeping track of developments.

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