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  • signage on cycle-pedestrian path next to Trumpington allotments, Cambridge

    Created by Robert Asher // 1 thread

    Hello, I'm wondering how many other Cambridge cyclists have shared the experience I've had (about once per month now) regarding a particular elderly lady who insists that bikes are not allowed on the "footpath" adjacent to the Trumpington allotments, between Shelford Rd & the new busway in CB2. This path seems clearly demarcated as a shared pedestrian-cycle path on the cycle maps provided at the council link (below). However, it is not clearly labeled as such on the path itself, leading her to become quite angry with any cyclist who gets near her & her dog while they're out walking (and obstructing the path to underscore her point). "It's a footpath" she yells, and storms away.
    So my questions are 1) am I correct in interpreting the council map (below) as permitting bikes on this path and 2) how might one go about requesting proper signage, clearly saying bikes & pedestrians are both welcome?
    Thanks for any feedback, Robert

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