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  • Eddington Cycling Campaign

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 2 threads

    The University of Cambridge is planning to launch a cycling campaign called the Eddington number to encourage cycling at the Eddington development (and further afield).

    They would like to meet with Camcycle over the next couple of weeks to discuss potential partnering opportunities around this and the cycling festival. (See the events thread for information about this:

    Who is available to meet with the University?
    What suggestions do we have for such a campaign?
    What would we expect from this kind of partnership?

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  • VeloCity 2021 "Cycling and Health"

    Created by // 1 thread

    Velocity is an annual cycling conference with approx 1000 attendees from 50 countries. The deadline for the competition to host VeloCity 2019 has passed in August 2016. Now would be a good time to think about 2021 (!) (Odd numbered years in Europe, even numbered years out of Europe)

    It was previously hosted in Bremen, London, Groningen, Copenhagen, Milano, Montréal, Nottingham, Basel, Perth, Barcelona, Graz & Maribor, Amsterdam, Edinburgh & Glasgow, Paris, Dublin, Munich, Brussels, Copenhagen, Seville, Vancouver, Vienna, Adelaide, Nantes, Taipei, Arnhem & Nijmegen, Rio de Janeiro

    Hosting it in Cambridge would have to be done by or through a University (which?). It would have the benefit of bringing together and amplify the academic research already underway in the health area. CEDAR, Centre for Diet and Activity Research would be a major asset. I think there would be a good chance that the Addenbrooks biotechnology firms may see an opportunity to create academic-local community credentials: One of these firms is even called Bicycle Therapeutics with Trinity Master Gregory Winter at the helm.

    I met vice chancellor Borysiewicz once and I had the impression that hosting such a event which creates the connection between science and community benefit would suit him very well: He said that cycling is very much on his radar.

    Another potential funding source could be the US based Robert Wood Johnson foundation. They give grants in the area of healthy communities with an academic profile, they "very infrequently support foreign organizations or organizations that are not tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code" but one could try.

    This is a major project which will need a professional conference organizer. The ECF want EURO 300.000 fees in advance, clearly far beyond the campaign to undertake. But I think it would be for the campaign to get the ball rolling.

    If the committee thinks this is a priority I could write some emails to test the waters

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