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  • Trumpington Road cycle lane (opposite Nuffield Hospital)

    Created by piers // 1 thread

    This very short cycle lane is the quickest way to turn right into Brooklands Avenue. You can join it at the start (Latham Road), and depending on the traffic flow, continue in the left lane until you can get into the advance stop box turning right, or change into the right lane earlier.

    However, every couple of mornings, cars (or lorries) sit in the cycle lane blocking it. It seems to be if one car is in it, most are. If no cars are in it, none are.

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  • Parking in Water Street Cycle Lane

    Created by Anna Langley // 1 thread

    It seems that the new cycle lane in Water Street, is just too tempting to be ignored for motorists looking for a place to park. The councils enforcement people won't do anything, and nor, I expect, will the police.

    We need bollards along there to physically prevent this from happening.

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