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  • Fitzroy Lane has no pavement

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 0 threads

    Fitzroy Lane is a major walking route to the Grafton Centre, but bizarrely has no pavement.

    One of the two parking queuing lanes should be removed, and pavements added on at least the east side of the street, if not both sides.

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  • Pavement missing on Cowley Road between Cambridge Commercial Park and NR land

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    There is no pavement at the end of Cowley Road between Cambridge Commercial Park and the Network Rail land. Historically before Cambridge North station opened no pavement would have been required along this section of the road. Now that Cambridge North is open this is a popular route.

    The lack of pavement here has meant one local business has setup a taxi service (other members of staff driving their cars) for the very short walk between the commercial park and Cambridge North station. This is resulting in more vehicular traffic (just this one business is around 2-8 extra car journeys per weekday) between Cowley Road and Cambridge North station making it less safe for people cycling.

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