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  • Charging for car parking on Cambridge University sites

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    Cambridge University is proposing to introduce charging for car parking.

    This is potentially an opportunity to see improvements in cycle parking at the same time.

    "The Project Board recognises that this is a topic of considerable interest to the University and its staff, particularly the set of principles the HR Committee has recommended consulting on - namely that:

    - Car park charging should be introduced,
    - Charging should be salary-contingent and that salary sacrifice should apply if possible,
    - Management of permit allocation should be centralised,
    - There should be a maximum permit allocation per site,
    - Revenues generated should be ringfenced to support alternative modes of travel such as buses, trains and cycling."

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  • Bike Parking Shortage at Hills Rd 6th Form College

    Created by Michael Cahn // 1 thread

    Rather than providing adequate cycle parking for their pupils this Sixth Form college is discouraging cycling and increasing the likelihood of cycle theft. The bikes that were previously attached to these railings are now left on the opposite side of the road where they are not so securely parked. See #27865 or #27866

    Although some cycle parking does seem to have been provided: #28093, #28092 it is clearly not enough

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