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  • Cherry Hinton North Development

    Created by Al Storer // 1 thread

    As part of the Local Plan 2014 process, a 44 hectare site north of Cherry Hinton has been identified by Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) as being suitable for new residential development. The site is being promoted by Marshall Group Properties and Endurance Estates.

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  • Home Cycle Lockers

    Phil Wigglesworth // 1 thread

    (I never quite understood the way this works, I just want to ask a question, there's no issue)

    Does anyone have any experience of the various "Cycle Locker" type storage you can buy? I'm fed up with juggling cars and bikes, so I think it's time my bikes had a separate place to reside, and a secure locker or two would seem to fit the bill.

    Something like these:
    I'm looking at commercial-strength stuff as I doubt anything less will be secure enough.

    I'm looking for anyone who's bought them or used them, or similar. Is there anything I need to know before I order?


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  • Street Cycle Parking

    Created by Simon Nuttall // 4 threads

    Motion for Camcycle AGM 2016: Street Cycle Parking

    Providing secure places to park bicycles is a simple and effective way to encourage cycling by making people on bikes feel welcome. In some areas of Cambridge residents have got used to all the spare street space being allocated to the storage of motor vehicles and very little for bikes. The result has been badly parked bikes cluttering hallways, clinging to drainpipes and other street furniture. The experience on Thoday Street where some on-carriageway racks have been installed is a good example of how the problem can be addressed.

    Camcycle resolves to:
    1. Champion the replacement of on street car parking with cycle parking where it is clearly needed
    2. Identify streets where this should and can be achieved
    3. Work with local councillors to survey demand
    4. Where there is sufficient local support work with local councillors to prepare proposals for funding. For example, from the Local Highways Improvement fund.

    This motion was passed by 46 to one.

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  • Herbert Street

    Sam // 1 thread

    Herbert St is one of the closest streets to the centre of town that has free on-road parking. As a result, it's a little chaotic.

    Councillors are working towards resident only parking (and seem to have been for some time).

    Given that it's part of the cycle route from Midsummer common, and has small gardens, narrow pavements etc, is it worth seeing if there can be some cycle stands added or some other improvements at the same time?

    There are some by the co-op on Chesterton Road, of which about half seem to be used by residents.

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