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  • Assault of female cyclist, Cambridge Rd, Shelford

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    CN Letters 30 July 2012:
    "If the Lady whose bottom was smacked by a passenger in a green Ford KA as she cycled along Cambridge Rd, Shelford, towards Trumpington at 11 am on July 25, would like to do anything about it, please get in touch with me via this newspaper. I was following and have the details of the car" (Name withheld in CN)

    CCC to local police
    "CCC would like to encourage the local police force to get in touch with the informant and take the necessary steps. Such behaviour is degrading, it is extremely dangerous, potentially life threatening, and must not be allowed to become a local custom. We look forward to read in the newspaper that the necessary steps have been taken and that such behaviour will be punished, including revoking of driver's license."


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