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  • 19/1756/FUL: Community hub, 22 dwellings, car parking, vehicular access, rec.

    Created by Rosamund Humphrey (Admin Officer) // 2 threads

    Site: The Meadows Community Centre, Arbury


    Erection of new community hub and 22 council rented affordable dwellings, car parking, replacement multi use games area, new vehicular access off Arbury Road and enhancements to the recreation ground and installation of substation (as part of wider proposal for the full Meadows site seeking permission for the demolition of existing community centre and the erection of a new community hub, 78 affordable dwellings, car parking, a replacement multi use games area, new play equipment, the creation of new vehicular accesses on to Arbury Road, Daisy Close and St Catharines Road, the provision of new landscaping and substation and the installation of drainage to the football pitch and associated land levelling together with land reprofiling).

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