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  • Cycle lane parking

    Phil Wigglesworth // 1 thread

    "No loading" restrictions don't stop delivery vehicles and taxis parking in the bike lane. This blocks the road for cyclists, exposing them to unnecessary danger. Traffic police are almost absent, which leaves little control over this sort of problem

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  • Trixi mirrors needed to see around the corner

    Created by Anna Langley // 1 thread

    This bend where Hobson Street and St Andrew's Street meet, is quite a blind one. Buses and taxis go around it at speed, unaware of bikes coming the other way in the contraflow, and frequently take a line which could knock a cyclist off their bike. Likewise bike riders can't see what's coming.

    It needs something like a couple of trixi mirrors so that drivers and riders alike can see around the corner and know what's coming.

    Such a solution should be simple and cheap, and as far as I know, not need too much bureaucracy.

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