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  • Scout Hut Path - Corrie Road / Rustat Road link

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Scout Hut Path is an important link between the Carter Bridge and the Corrie Road neighbourhood. It is narrow and marred by a sharp blind bend in the middle, making it difficult to use for many people especially at night due to personal security and collision concerns.

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  • insufficient visibility due to solid building site boundary

    Sam // 1 thread

    The site for the new building between in the triangle between the cycle path the busway, and non-busway road has a solid hoarding around it. To help visibility, the solid hoardings have been removed for 3 panels on the cycle path side, and only 2 on the road side, so traffic has greater visibility of cyclists that cyclists have of motor vehicles - so vehicles assume there is nothing coming and slow down less than they should.

    To increase visibility on the corner, the third solid panel should be replaced with the mesh fencing, as has already been done for the first two on the other side.

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