Transport Restart Group

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Added by Rosamund Humphrey (Admin Officer)

The government said that it expects Combined Authorities to lead the restart of the transport system following the Covid lockdown. The Transport Restart Group is chaired by the Combined Authority (its leads are James Palmer and Paul Raynes) and brings together the two highways authorities, police and public health colleagues, the two main city councils, a representative bus operator, Network Rail, Highways England, and the Department for Transport. It has met weekly since 1 June. 

The group has three main tasks:

(a) ensuring the public transport restarts to as near 100% of pre-Covid network as possible;

(b) ensuring a package of active travel measures is implemented to mitigate potential increases in private car use;

(c) monitoring data in relation to the impact of Covid – 19 on transport and considering what further measures might be needed to maintain the transport recovery.


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