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  • A users first approach to cycle infrastructure design.

    Created by Jonny Camp // 1 thread

    How can we tell whether a bicycling environment is good or bad? How many times have you been cycling along a piece of existing infrastructure only to find the word 'end' written on the pavement and yourself forced back onto the road into traffic? 

    With this in mind, I am undertaking a piece of research as part of my masters dissertation at Queens College, University of Cambridge. I am  gathering primary data of existing users of the current cycling network across Cambridge. From this data I will be able to assess the coherence and directness of the existing cycle network and identify potential 'bottlenecks' and issues from the point of view of the users. 

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  • Advisory cycle lanes on Gonville Place

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 0 threads

    Gonville Place at the Mill Road end needs queue-busting cycle lanes, as per East Road.

    As the image shows, there is plenty of space here.

    The Hills Road end goes to three lanes so that would be more difficult. The Mill Road end is much easier and can be regarded as a simple 'quick win'.

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  • Vehicles blocking Hills Road cycle track; what's the law?

    Created by Henry Gomersall // 1 thread

    tl;dr What does the law or highway code have to say about vehicles (specifically, delivery vehicles) stopping in and blocking a cycle track?

    There was a DPD van blocking the hills road cycle track last week and I wrote to DPD informing them of this. They said they were going to make sure it didn't happen again and that the drivers would be informed of the rules. Today, the exact same van and driver were in the cycle track again.

    So, before I go back to DPD, and for my own knowledge to use as suitable ammunition in a "discussion", what _are_ the rules around vehicles entering, stopping and parking on a cycle lane and/or track like those on Hills Road, as well as others?

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  • parking in cycle lane

    Richard G // 1 thread

    There seems to be a number of cars parking half in the cycle lane on the new Addenbrooke's road (Dame Mary Archer Way)

    Is parking in a cycle lane an offence of some sort, and would it make a difference on what I think is a private road? (I think that those roads around Addenbrooke's are not normal in terms of ownership)

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  • Cycle lane infringement on Pembroke Street and Downing Street

    Created by Richard Jennings // 2 threads

    Because of queuing for the Grand Arcade car park, amongst other things, the mandatory cycle lane on Pembroke Street and Downing Street is routinely abused by motor vehicles – one every 66 seconds on a Saturday afternoon

    The corner at Free School Lane is a particular concern because vehicles traveling east can't see oncoming cycles.

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  • Infringement of East Road cycle lane

    Created by David Earl // 2 threads

    The new flats at the fire station seem to be attracting delivery vehicles to unload in the cycle lane at the west end of East Road. The wide lane here is separated from the road by cross hatching. Should we ask for physical segregation on this short length, e.g armadillos. Would delivery vehicles still bump over them to park are make matters worse to get round them? Would a barrier be effective?

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  • Vehicles using Mandatory Cycle Lanes (MCLs) in Cambridge and beyond

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 2 threads

    Vehicles parking and driving in cycle lanes are a serious problem in Cambridge and beyond.

    This is a master issue for discussions on this general problem.

    (The Downing Street cycle lane has been shown as a key location where this is a problem, though the issue is city-wide.)

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