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  • Lack of joined up information on Council websites

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    I've just sent a sharp email to the Council. It reads as below. If the council can't do joined up information on their own websites, how do they expect people to make these modal shifts in transport that they are so keen on?

    "Dear Parking services,
    I've just done a google search on this.

    first item says "multi-story car park with cycle parking and pushchairs
    for loan".

    However, when you then go to the Park St car park page, it says nothing
    about either cycle parking being available, nor about the pushchair loan
    scheme. How about a link to

    on the website, so we don't have to do a separate search, so that when
    people go to the Park St website, they can get all of its features? They
    may even then decide to cycle into town rather than drive.

    I was looking for this information as I was just emailing a friend who
    lives in Chesterton and has a nine month old child, who I wasn't sure
    would be aware of this scheme, which she may find useful. However, if we
    have to spend five minutes doing exactly the correct google searches, it
    counts as a "secret facility" apart from those in the know.

    I wasn't aware, for example, that you could also get pushchairs at the
    Grand Arcade one. This information needs better dissemination, and
    linking from within the car park and other public transport pages, so
    that people can make a properly informed decision about their transport
    choices when visiting the city. This, surely, is the way to get modal
    shifts in people's transport choices?"

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