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  • 23/04930/REM 332 homes at Marleigh phase 3

    Created by KW // 1 thread

    23/04930/REM | Reserved matters application detailing, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for the construction of 332 new homes and commercial space with associated infrastructure, internal roads, open space as part of phase 3 pursuant to condition 5 (reserved matter) of outline permission S/2682/13/OL dated 30 November 2016. | Marleigh Phase 3 Land North Of Newmarket Road Cambridge CB5 8AA

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  • Huntingdon Road: Girton Corner area improvements needed

    Created by Al Storer // 1 thread

    The A14 project is bringing a cycleway into the city as far as the University farm. Previous County projects have created a decent inbound cycleway from Laurence Weaver Road and an almost OK painted lane outbound to here. There's a section of cycleway from Girton Corner to Eddington Avenue, and at Girton Corner there's a connection to The Ridgeway along Bunker's Hill. There are Cycleways intercepting Huntingdon Road at Whitehouse Lane, both into Eddington and into Darwin Green. 

    But oh dear. Laurence Weaver Road junction is awful. Eddington Avenue junction is awful, and there's a very narrow and much over-run cycle lane to the north of it. Girton Corner junction is poor and serves poorly those who want to go from Girton village and College to the Ridgeway.

    The section of road needs a holistic approach that incorporates the route along and the routes crossing in a coherent manner.

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  • Poor lane marking eastbound at Park and Ride on Madingley Road

    Created by Ben Brierton // 1 thread

    The new road layout here means that eastbound cyclists travelling straight-on find themselves in the left-turn lane, stopped by a Red light, and blocking traffic turning left into the Park and Ride who have a Green left turn filter.

    The road markings seem to expect cyclists in this lane to go straight ahead, even though it's the left turn lane, because it is guided into the onward eastbound cycle lane. Just feels wrong and leaves cyclists vulnerable to the left turning traffic.

    There should be a 'redmac' cycle lane between the left turn lane and the right hand lane. The road markings should guide cyclists from this lane into the eastbound cycle lane instead of from the left turn lane.

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