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Listed issues, most recent first, limited to the area of Cambridge Cycling Campaign:

  • General promotion of cycling in Cambridge

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 84 threads

    What general measures (publicity, fairs, web activity, leaflets, brochures, campaign manifestos) can we undertake to promote cycling in Cambridge in the most general sense?

    This issue is a discussion area for proposals and discussion on creating general-purpose material and the approach that can be taken to promote cycling, and the difficult question of how this is balanced against difficulties that cyclists face in practice.

    This issue is not for discussion of specific problematic infrastructure or helmet issues, or anything like that.

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  • Cycle racks at Newnham Croft/Derby Street

    Created by cobweb // 1 thread

    This is a proposal, as part of the Environmental Improvements Programme, to install cycle racks on the highway near the Derby Store deli and post office. Cycle parking is almost non-existent here but there is not much support for taking away on road car parking apparently.

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  • Improving cyclists' compliance with the law in Cambridge

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 16 threads

    There are a range of issues regarding cyclists breaking the law in Cambridge. This issue is intended as a container for strategic discussion of how this can be resolved.

    There are of course many problems with drivers breaking the law, and discussions need to be in that context also, but this is issue is primarily for addressing the cycling side.

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  • Fen Road, Milton - planning application variation

    Created by Heather Coleman // 2 threads

    This is a planning application variation for 42 Fen Road, Milton. Application no (south cambs) is S/0756/12/VC

    Permission had been given, but I noted as I passed the other day, that there was an application for a variation. Looking at this, one item seems to be to vary the "cycle storage".

    From the description in Addendum to Design, Access & Herigage Statement in plans and docs:

    I quote
    "The bin / cycle store has been relocated and enlarged to allow for a tool shed. It was felt that
    the proximity of the previous store to the proposed dwelling had an adverse impact on the
    street scene and cluttered up the entrance area. By setting it back within the garden space it
    was felt this would positively enhance the character of the area. Additionally, as a temporary
    structure it is felt this would not have any more of an impact on the surrounding trees than
    the current position of the bin store."

    Or if you look at the map, the cycle "storage" (should that be parking?) now appears to be round the back end of the garden, and as a hedge is shown surrounding the car parked at the front of the property, I am at a loss as to how it would be at all convenient to ever get a bike out of this shed, rather than just getting into the car.

    Of note is the fact that this proposed house is about 15 yards off NCN 11. In one direction*; this gives a virtually traffic-free route almost into Cambridge city centre or to Waterbeach railway station. In the other direction, NCN 11 heads through Milton Country Park, leading almost directly to the local Tesco superstore as well as to the Coston bridge, Science Park, Guided Busway. Thus, it could be possible to live an almost entirely car-free existence at this location.

    *Fen Road is erroneously described as a cul-de-sac in the application. It is to motor vehicles, but is in fact a through route to the city centre for cycles and pedestrians.

    From the 2004 South Cambs local plan

    "To promote the use of more sustainable modes of transport, such as public transport,
    walking and cycling by making such modes more accessible, safer and more attractive
    to use.," and "To promote sustainable travel by ensuring new development takes place in highly
    accessible locations."
    " To limit the amount of car parking provided in new developments, where appropriate,
    to reduce over-reliance on the car." "adopting on-site and/or off-site design features that promote
    access by non-car modes as far as practicable (including
    walking and cycling) and facilitate and encourage their use"

    Of course there appears to be nothing about accessibility of cycle parking cf car parking, unlike the City Council local plan.

    Is it worth putting in an objection? The publicity end date is 5th June.

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  • Bicycle Access to Crematorium

    Created by // 2 threads

    Access to and return journey from the Crematorium is a real challenge for the cyclist. Indeed, chances are you may end up in it if you try to ride your bike there.

    Here we have a essential public service which is accessible by car only. Is this acceptable ?

    These issues arise also if a convoy of bicycles was to accompany a coffin.

    What is to be done?

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  • Two-way cycling in Romsey

    Created by Simon Nuttall // 1 thread

    Converting one-way streets to two-way cycling has long been a Cambridge Cycling Campaign priority.

    Progress has been made, with Hope Street being made into a two-way street with a no motor vehicles exemption at one end.

    Now that Except Cycles signs under No Entry signs are permitted there is scope for extending this to Romsey Streets.

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