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Issues always relate to some geographical location, whether very local or perhaps city-wide.

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Listed issues, most recent first, limited to the area of Cambridge Cycling Campaign:

  • 20/02568/FUL Hybrid planning application - Bourn Quarter Business Park

    Created by Finlay KM // 1 thread

    Hybrid planning application consisting of full planning permission for Phase 1 and outline planning permission with all matters reserved except access for Phase 2 of the redevelopment of the former Gestamp Factory site at Bourn Airfield for up to 26,757sqm/288,000sqft of commercial floorspace purposes (use class B1c light industry, B1b research and development and B8 warehouse and distribution with supplementary use classes A3 restaurant and cafe, D1 day nursery/creche, D2 gym), associated car parking and service yards, external earthworks, attenuation basins and landscaping.

    Fomer Gestamp Factory Bourn Airfield St Neots Road Bourn Cambridgeshire


    Application reference : 20/02568/FUL

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  • Multiple potholes descending Hills Rd rail bridge

    Created by David Green // 1 thread

    The cycle lane on the Northside of the Hills Rd rail bridge has many potholes where the red tarmac surface is missing. This is extremely hazardous for cyclists to avoid whilst descending with car lanes on either side. You could easily fall off into the path of motor traffic. 

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  • CCC/20/040/FUL Hauxton - Southwest Park & Ride + new NMU bridge

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    CCC/20/040/FUL | Proposed Travel Hub, to include car parking, cycle, coach, and horse parking, travel hub building, photovoltaic panels, substation, lighting; significant infrastructure improvements to include road widening of the A10 along Cambridge Road, Hauxton Road and M11 Junction 11 north bound slip road, and a new dedicated busway to include strengthening of existing agricultural bridge; provision for a new Shared Use Path, including new bridge across the M11; with associated drainage, landscaping (including reconfiguration of bunds), biodiversity enhancement areas and infrastructure. | Land To The North/north-west Of Hauxton Road (A10), To The North-west And North Of Junction 11 Of The M11 And To The West Of Cambridge Road (A10) CB22 5HT

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  • Milton Road cycle/foot paths narrow and/or blocked

    Created by Simon Powell // 3 threads

    City Fibre commenced fibre-laying work on Milton Road in mid-June, digging trenches on both sides of the road at various locations between Downhams Lane and Gilbert Road, mostly on the north-west side.

    This has reduced the combined width of the dual-direction cycle lane and pavement down to about 2 feet in places, often preventing cyclists/pedestrians from being able to physically pass each other. In some places, the footpath and cycle lane have been completely blocked with barriers for periods of time, forcing people into the main traffic lanes. In one of these places, keep-left signs have been put up next to the kerb in the reverse direction, implying that cyclists on the path should go into the traffic lane on the wrong side of the road. Social distancing for Covid-19 is obviously not possible in much of this area now, particularly when groups of workers are standing closely together in the remaining narrow path itself next to the work sites.

    This has coincided with the re-opening of the primary schools and there are quite a few people using the paths. I've had to stop my kid cycling to school as we no longer have safe route down there.

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  • 53 serviced appartments, Queen Edith's Way

    sound+fury // 1 thread

    The erection of new buildings to provide 53 serviced apartments (sui generis) together with hard and soft landscaping, basement car parking spaces and associated infrastructure and works | Land At 11 Queen Ediths Way Cambridge Cambridgeshire. 

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  • 20/02160/FUL: New 3 storey building (10 units), 4 Highworth Avenue

    Created by Rosamund Humphrey (Admin Officer) // 1 thread

    Proposed plan: Demolition of existing building and construction of a new 3 storey residential building comprising 10 units (net increase of nine) along with access, cycle parking and associated infrastructure. 

    Bike store for 14 cycles, unclear what kind of fastenings (Sheffield stands/other). Is it big enough to enable cycles in the furthest cycle spaces to manoeuvre in/out? Is the entrance wide enough to accommodate movement of adapted bikes?

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  • 20/02564/S73: Construction of 6 storey office building, Station Rd, CB1 2JD

    Section 73 application to vary condition 2 of permission 15/0864/FUL: will 254 cycle parking spaces be sufficient for this office space?

    Demolition of Leda House and construction of a new 6 storey office building comprising 7421sq.m (GEA) of office floorspace (Class B1); 254 cycle parking spaces; associated plant; hard and soft landscaping; a basement with 40 car parking spaces and 5 motorcycle bays; infrastructure works including basement car park ramp (Scheme B) to permit improved fire escape provision, enhanced cycle facilities and revised elevational treatment. 

    Location: 20 Station Road, Cambridge, CB1 2JD

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  • CCC/20/033/FUL A1307 / Haverhill Road / Gog Farm shop junction

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    CCC/20/033/FUL | Construction of a new staggered junction, footway / cycleway; an at grade unsignalised crossing point for pedestrians and cyclists at the A1307 / Haverhill Road / Gog Farm shop junction; a new right turn filter lane and upgraded crossing point for pedestrians and cyclists at the Gog Farm Shop entrance, including associated engineering and landscape works. | Junction Of A1307 Babraham Road With Haverhill Road / And The Access To Gog Farm Shop Heath Farm Shelford CB22 3AD, (within The Parish Of Stapleford).

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  • 20/02171/OUT Northstowe Phase 3A (4,000 homes, 2 primary schools, local centre)

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    20/02171/OUT | Outline planning application for the development of Northstowe Phase 3A for up to 4,000 homes, two primary schools, a local centre (including employment, community, retail and associated services, food and drink, community, leisure, residential uses and other accommodation), secondary mixed use zones (including employment, community, retail and associated services, food and drink, community, leisure, residential uses), open space and landscaped areas, sports pitches, associated engineering and infrastructure works, including the retention of the existing military lake and creation of a new lake, with details of appearance, landscaping, layout, scale and access reserved. Application is accompanied by an Environmental Statement and involves works to/affecting existing Public Rights of Way. | Northstowe Phase 3A Rampton Road Longstanton Cambs

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  • Milton COVID-19 urgent measures

    Created by Edward Taylor // 1 thread

    Brief proposal for temporary measures in Milton.
    Raised as a result of COVID-19 distancing measures
    In addition to or in concert with suggestions arising from Spaces to Breathe

    1. Use a point closure at the north side of Cambridge to forbid southbound through traffic. Why? It eliminates through traffic in Milton, especially at peak times. There are other versions of this idea for Milton, such as modal filters. Driving into Milton centre should be further discouraged in favour of the A10 bypass.

    2. Implement a 20mph speed limit throughout Milton. Why? Reducing speed limits slows down drivers, a bit. It shifts the balance in favour of walking and cycling. The street environment becomes calmer, cleaner and quieter. In residential areas, there are more walkers and people just drive slower naturally. In these areas, cycling and walking becomes more pleasant and statistically safer. Fatality rate in collisions drops significantly.

    3. Remove on-street car storage on Cambridge Road / High street. Why? On-street car storage encourages people to choose the car when making journeys within Milton. (I've done it myself.) Nowhere within Milton is more than a 3 minute cycle journey away.

    4. Give cyclists and pedestrians priority at several key junctions on the Milton-Cambridge cycle route.(Winship road to Cambride Road) Why? To encourage people to use these routes and improve safety.

    The DfT has made it clear that the money will only be allocated for measures that truly make space for cycling (please let me know if you want to see the letter, as it has not been widely shared). Those painted lanes do not meet the criteria set by the government, so they will have to be paid by Cambs Highways.

    The deadline for councils to bid for the funds is Friday June 5th - in 6 days! If anybody has got any follow up suggestions I would suggest emailing our concillors well before that date, as any measures proposed will also have to be reviewed by Cambs Highways before they are sent off.

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