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Listed issues, most recent first, limited to the area of Cambridge Cycling Campaign:

  • Steps in kerb on new Arbury Road cycle paths

    Created by Rick // 1 thread

    The new cycle lanes on Arbury Road are great but I'm worried the asphalt height hasn't been done to a tight enough tolerance. In places the step from the road up the kerb to the cycle path is quite large, so I'm reluctant to move over from the road to the cycle lane until I reach a flat part.

    I may be being over-cautious but I've had bad experiences in the past with falling off and bucked wheels from riding up kerbs at too shallow an angle, and I'm reluctant to experiment too hard!

    Does anyone know what the tolerance is meant to be, and whether it has been met here?

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  • Station Road Histon - close to through traffic?

    Created by Joe Adam // 1 thread

    Station Road in Histon seems to have a large, and in my view inappropriate amount of through traffic.
    I assume the majority of the traffic is attempting to avoid the traffic lights and the Green and shave some time of their drive through Histon.
    There is a large amount of foot and cycle traffic along this road, as the direct route between two schools with many parents having children at both (infant and junior).
    The foot paths are very narrow and the amount of traffic makes cycling (espcially with children) intimidating.
    I think the situation (for people on bikes and foot at least) could very cheaply be massively improved by blocking Station road to through traffic, restoring thee road to what it should be, a quiet residential street.
    I suppose this would lead to some traffic jams, at least at first until people get used to it.

    I've recently spoken to several people, mostly other parents, who have similar opinions. Does anyone have a view on a good way forward in terms of campaigning on this?
    I wondered about trying to set up a petition, which I could circulate amount parents to try and show that there could be significant support for this. Or course there may also be significant backlash.... Or should I try and talk to the parish council first. Any thoughts welcome.
    I've suggested this to the parish council several times (as have other parents I discover) but nothing has yet happened (I've not even had a reply...)

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  • Inappropriately timed council activities

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    Is there a way of persuading the council that they should not be having bin collections or road sweeping on major roads around the city, which also act as major bike routes, bus routes, car commuter routes so are deeply congested during "rush hour" at silly times, ie during the same "rush hour"?

    Yesterday, it was a bin lorry wending its way down Hills Road at 8.45am; a danger to cyclists and the bin men themselves as well as causing a big queue. Today it was a road sweeper doing Maids Causeway which is a bus route at 8.30am, also causing a big queue. Both these roads will be significantly less busy come 9am.

    It's not just bad for cyclists but everyone. There are plenty of quieter roads in the city that can be attended to between about 8 and 9am, so why choose to do stuff on what I'd call the trunk roads of the city, holding up all the buses and making it horrible for cyclists. It's a lack of joined up thinking in my opinion.

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  • 18/1826/FUL 43-47 Water St - 9 new flats & cycle parking

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    From D&A:
    • The scheme is to be provided with an integral covered, secure cycle store designed
    in accordance with current standards (Cycle Parking Guide For New Residential
    Developments). The store is located along the rear boundary and is to be fitted with
    Sheffield cycle stands at 1m centers to accommodate up to 12 cycles. Access would
    be gained via secure gates (min. 1m in width) located from the front and rear of the
    • The proposal benefits from 4 additional visitors’ cycle spaces.
    • A covered bike storage area is also proposed for Waterhouse flats to replace the
    existing external cycle parking spaces.


    Erection of block containing 9 flats following demolition of existing building.

    43 - 47 Water Street Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB4 1NZ


    Application reference : 18/1826/FUL

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  • Wintr Fair bins on cycle path

    Created by Amelie K // 0 threads

    Extra blue and black bins have been put along Gonville Place, near where the cyclist counter used to be. They narrow the cycle lane in real, and effectively. Their location generally is poorly thought through (if at all). They are clearly intended for visitors to the winter fun fair on Prkers Piece, who will be on foot, but to use the bins they need to cross the cycle lane.

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  • School Street for Arbury Primary School

    Created by Daniel Thomas // 1 thread

    Carlton Way gets a lot of through traffic during school run and both parent parking and commuter traffic create an unsafe environment for children going to Arbury Primary School or Pre-School.
    A School Street on the section of Carlton Way between Perse Way and Brimley Road and on Hall Farm Road between Carlton Way and Topham Way might be one way of substantially improving the situation.

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  • City Changer Cargo Bike

    Created by Anna Williams – Comms Officer // 2 threads

    The county council cycling team are involved in a 3-year project funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research Programme to grow delivery and passengers by bike, cargo bike and e-cargo bike in 100 cities. The project called 'City Changer Cargo Bike' was launched to an audience of EU institutions, national and regional governments, advocacy organisations and business leaders in October 2018.

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  • S/0101/18/CC Histon - New Primary School north of Garden Walk

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Proposes new access onto Glebe Way cutting across shared-use pavement, interrupting it, putting give-way markings on the pavement and dropping the kerbs. Visibility splays are drawn to to the kerb instead of to the back of the pavement.

    Proposed pedestrian crossing further south will also place poles, obstructions and potential conflict into the narrow shared-use pavement.

    This is a real mess considering that they have plenty of space to widen the pavement and do it right.


    Erection of a 2FE (420 place) primary school and single storey 52 place pre-school nursery with associated vehicle and pedestrian access, car and cycle parking, vehicular drop off area with landscaping and playing fields, a pedestrian crossing, footpath widening and ancillary works.

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  • 18/1685/FUL 229 Milton Road - new dwelling in rear garden

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Proposed cycle parking in garage does not meet diagram 15 requirements.

    Proposed: 5000mm by 2500mm
    Required: 7000mm by 3300mm


    Construction of 1No. 1 1/2 Storey Dwelling to land rear of No. 229 Milton Road, Cambridge

    229 Milton Road Cambridge CB4 1XQ


    Application reference : 18/1685/FUL

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  • York Street area residents' parking zone

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    Cambridgeshire County Council has published proposals and consultation to introduce a residents’ parking scheme in the streets around York Street and New Street.

    This is a long-overdue scheme.

    There are a couple of issues:

    - Building support for the scheme - residents' parking proposals have a key strategic role in reducing traffic, by almost eliminating circulation by drivers speculatively looking for parking.

    - Making the case for the scheme in the face of opposition in a few streets because of a reduction in spaces where there is currently parking on both sides of the street (which means domination of the space for private motor vehicle storage).

    - At last, elimination of pavement parking and the ability to enforce any pavement overrun.

    - No cycle parking is proposed.

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  • 18/1671/FUL 83 Babraham Road - four 1-BR dwellings next to Audi dealership

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    5 cycle parking spaces proposed

    Cycle parking plan shows 'New Sheffield' Broxap shelter that is 5m wide, though this does not match up with the much smaller box shown on the Site Plan.

    Cycle parking is not secured.

    Existing accessway to site gives priority to motor vehicles and not people walking or cycling.

    Highways has already chimed in to require that the applicants give a 25m visibility splay to the shared-use pavement alongside Babraham Road.


    Erection of 4no. flats with associated bin and cycle stores, following demolition of existing bungalows. Erection of a valet building and creation of additional first floor space.

    83 - 87 Babraham Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB2 4DD


    Application reference : 18/1671/FUL

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  • 18/1708/FUL 32 Gray Road - four 1-BR dwellings

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Undersized 'timber framed' cycle parking (1800mm by 3550mm, smaller than required 3100mm by 4200mm).


    Erection of 4no. 1-bedroom flats in the rear garden with bin and cycle stores, following demolition of existing garage.

    32 & 32A Gray Road Cambridge CB1 3TA


    Application reference : 18/1708/FUL

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  • LED Lighting

    Created by Daniel Dignam // 1 thread

    Maybe it because I ride a bike with narrow tyres, or am over cautious, but ....

    The new LED lighting they've installed has effectively made the path narrower (and it's already too narrow). I don't want to ride over slippery glass, and in a few places they've actually installed them on the bend (Shelford end on the inside of the bend, which was already tricky because of the manhole cover), and at the Addenbrooke's end when joining after coming under the bridge.

    Why didn't they install them between the white lines like the old ones.

    Am I worrying too much (I cycle 400+ miles a week, so like to think I'm relatively good at looking out for dangers) ?

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  • 18/1679/FUL 212 Newmarket Rd - mixed use building with 13 dwellings

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    'Cycle parking has been designed above the Council’s current standards- Cycle Parking in Residential Developments (2010). The flats are provided with a covered and secure cycle store integrated into the footprint of the proposed new building and accommodating 17No. Cycles and 1No. Cargo bay. The store will be fitted with steel Sheffield cycle stands spaced in accordance with Diagram 3 of the above guide. Access gates/doors are to be a minimum of 1m width where required. A further 10No. cycle spaces are proposed to the front of the development for visitors and 9No. Spaces provided in a separate store for the commercial units.'

    Initial investigation of the ground floor plan reveals this seems to be true.

    They have also claimed to reserve a 2.0m strip of land along the highway boundary for future Eastern Gate related improvements.

    No issues detected.


    Mixed use development for ground floor commercial space (Use Classes A1, A2, B1 and D1) with 13 residential units (including 25% affordable) above comprising of 3 x 2bed flats and 10 x 1bed flats along with car and cycle parking following demolition of the existing buildings on site.

    212-214 Newmarket Road Cambridge CB5 8JL


    Application reference : 18/1679/FUL

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  • 18/1703/FUL 25-27 Chesterton High St - extensions & alterations for 9 new flats

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Proposes 32 cycle parking spaces for residential + office use split into two areas of 22 and 10. They seem to be well-dimensioned. The only outstanding question is security: there does not appear to be any access control.


    Extension and alterations to No.25-27 High Street, erection of new buildings to provide a total of nine new residential units and associated infrastructure and works (following part demolition on all three floors).

    25-27 High Street Chesterton Cambridge CB4 1NQ


    Application reference : 18/1703/FUL

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  • S/4208/18/RM Northstowe Phase 2 strategic engineering works

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Northstowe Phase 2 strategic engineering elements including cycleways.

    See 'Town General Plans'

    Interesting that they plan significant stretches of protected & segregated bidirectional cycleway including protected & segregated junctions. Although in some sections these mysteriously turn into shared-use pavements, and it's not clear why, since there's plenty of space...

    Cycleway / footway kerb is a 45-degree type, better than 90-degree but still steeper than a forgiving kerb.

    There's also a link from Dry Drayton Road included & also an overpass of that road for some reason (part of A14 works?).


    Reserved Matters for landscaping and layout for Strategic Engineering Elements in relation to Phase 2 following outline planning permission S/2011/14/OL. An Environmental Impact Assessment was required at the time of the Outline submission and an Environmental Statement was submitted at that time.

    Land South Of, Longstanton Road, Oakington, Cambs, CB24 3AB

    South Cambridgeshire

    Application reference : S/4208/18/RM

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  • 18/1637/FUL Grosvenor Court - 8 flats & covered cycle parking

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Two cycle parking areas, one in the front, one in the rear, each has 5 Sheffield stands.

    The spacing is OK at 1m intervals.

    The front cycle parking area is secure and covered but the aisle width only appears to be about 900-1000mm instead of the required 1100mm. The door to the secure area is only 800mm wide, narrower than the required 1000mm.

    The rear cycle parking area is covered but not secured by any kind of locked door or gate.


    Extensions and alterations to Grosvenor Court to provide 8 flats, car parking, covered cycle parking, bin store and new fencing.

    1 Grosvenor Court Cambridge CB3 0HU


    Application reference : 18/1637/FUL

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  • Redevelopment proposed for land south of Coldham's Lane

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Developer Anderson Group is hosting a community planning weekend later this month to give residents the chance to draw up a masterplan for land south of Coldhams Lane.

    “It’s about building good quality houses in good quality communities,” the company’s Christian Criscione told the Cambridge Independent ahead of a launch of the project on Tuesday (October 30).

    The former quarry and landfill site includes the Cherry Hinton lakes and land parcels to the north of the railway line.

    It has been identified by Cambridge City Council as an “area of major change” and the authority has been actively promoting the land for regeneration with “appropriate redevelopment”.

    As well as built development such as housing, the council has expressed ideas including the opening of the lakes, environmental improvements, outdoor recreation areas and a new urban country park.

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