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  • New scoping application for 'Land South of Coldham's Lane'

    Created by KW // 0 threads

    Hybrid Planning Application at Land South of Coldhams Lane comprising: Full Application for 'Parcel A' Building 1 (Use Classes E(g)(i) (Offices), E(g)(ii) (Research and Development)) and the Hub Building (sui generis) with associated car and cycle parking, Outline Application for the remainder of 'Parcel A' for E(g) uses including office, research and development, car and cycle parking, landscaping, infrastructure and associated works, with all other matters reserved except for access, Full Application for ecological enhancements to 'Parcel B', Full Application for landscape improvements and access to 'Parcel C'.

    Land South Of Coldhams Lane Cambridge Cambridgeshire


    Application reference : 23/01683/SCOP

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  • A users first approach to cycle infrastructure design.

    Created by Jonny Camp // 1 thread

    How can we tell whether a bicycling environment is good or bad? How many times have you been cycling along a piece of existing infrastructure only to find the word 'end' written on the pavement and yourself forced back onto the road into traffic? 

    With this in mind, I am undertaking a piece of research as part of my masters dissertation at Queens College, University of Cambridge. I am  gathering primary data of existing users of the current cycling network across Cambridge. From this data I will be able to assess the coherence and directness of the existing cycle network and identify potential 'bottlenecks' and issues from the point of view of the users. 

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  • Greenway: Lode to Swaffham Bulbeck

    Created by Martin Wheatley // 1 thread

    Because of a combination of subsidence and grass tussocks growing through the path, my wife's e-trike tipped over on the Greenway path between Lode and Longmeadow this afternoon.  Fortunately she is only bruised and shaken but it could clearly have been a lot worse. I have reported it to Cambs Highways as an emergency.

    Unless and until it is repaired, I would advise extreme caution on this section of the Greenway or use the Bottisham Greenway, Tunbridge Lane, Park End and Swaffham Bulbeck High Street instead. The on-road sections of the latter are usually pretty quiet.

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  • Extension of 19-35 Regent Street

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    Downing College are proposing to extend and rework the old 'Pizza hut building' on the corner of Parker's Piece.

    I can't see any obvious issues other than making sure that sufficient cycle parking is created. I think they are intending to put this within the main college grounds themselves, over the road, which probably makes most sense.

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  • Planning application : 23/00872/REM Plaza adjacent to proposed primary school

    Created by KW // 1 thread

    Plaza adjacent to proposed primary school on key phase 1

    Waterbeach Barracks Key Phase 1 Primary School Plaza Denny End Road Waterbeach Cambridgeshire CB25 9PA

    South Cambridgeshire

    Application reference : 23/00872/REM

    I haven't spotted whatever it is that is supposed to provide "access for picking up and dropping off pupils".   There seems to be a 5-Sheffield toastrack ("exact product TBC") on what looks like the 'drive' (next to 'He' which means heritage surface coarse asphalt).  I do not see anything that would encourage use of Bakfiets etc.


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  • Social Media Hostility

    Created by jack // 1 thread

    I have noticed that especially since the congestion charge there has been a lot of aggression towards Camcycle in social media comments. Notably on Facebook, Nextdoor, etc. I am aware that angry aggressive people have always been on the internet but I do feel the level has increased since congestion charge notoriety, with many people's opinions degenerating into conspiracy theories about Camcycle and the council.

    I do worry about the effect this can have on increasing "us vs them" mentality and increasing aggressive behaviour towards cyclists on the road.

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  • Survival Skills for Cyclists course - 25/3/23

    Created by David Green // 1 thread

    Are you confident at what to do if something goes wrong with your bike when you're miles from home? Could you repair a puncture by the side of the road? Yes? Great! No need to read on.

    No? You may be interested in the following Saturday workshop I am running again. This will be a repeat of the popular workshop held last year where attendees gave feedback such as:

    "Excellent - would recommend it to all inexperienced riders."
    "Following the course I really feel I understand the workings of my cycle."
    "It was very clearly explained and covered very useful topics."
    "Thoroughly informative workshop. To be highly recommended."

    David Green


    Survival Skills for Cyclists

    Venue: Coleridge Community College, Radegund Road, Cambridge CB1 3RJ
    Date: Sat 25 March 2023, 10am to 4 pm

    Description: A one day bike maintenance course for local cyclists. Bring your bike and get confident you can cope with common roadside cycling breakdowns. Women members especially encouraged to sign up! Places are limited to ensure you learn in a small friendly group and get all the assistance you need. Topics will include: checks before you set off, tools to take along, fixing punctures, handling chain problems, gear and brake adjustments.

    Equipment: Your own bike to work on, pump, puncture repair kit, and any tools you normally ride with.

    Refreshments: hot and cold drinks provided, but please bring your own lunch!

    Fee:  £20 (CTC and CamCycle members) £50 (non-members). Subsidy available for those on a low income - please don't be put off by the price. Primarily funded and supported by CTC Cambridge.

    Enrolment: To book a place, email with subject 'Survival Skills for Cyclists 25 March 2023'.

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  • St John's Innovation Centre - Vitrum building

    sound+fury // 1 thread

    22/05108/SCRE | EIA screening opinion under the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017 for the proposed development to provide up to 12,442 sqm of employment floorspace in a building up to 34 metres in height with associated car parking, cycle parking and landscaping. | Vitrum Building St Johns Innovation Park Cowley Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB4 0WS

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  • Traffic calming controls don’t leave room for cargo trikes in cycle lanes

    Created by Robert Watson // 1 thread

    Grange Road has extremely narrow cycle lanes for most of its length, which include traffic calming bollards forcing traffic down to a single lane. While this design does slow traffic, the narrow space for the cycle lane means that trikes have to slow almost to a stop to pass safely -- or in some cases may not fit at all. This forces trikes out into the single centre lane, where cars may not properly give way, and also are the sites of speed bumps and significant potholes. If the lanes were about 20-30cm wider, then trikes could pass without a problem. This issue affects all of the bollards on both sides of Grange Road for its full length, but I’ve highlighted a particularly problematic one since I had to pick a spot.

    (In general, the cycle lanes on Grange Road are too narrow for cargo trikes forcing them out into traffic lanes anyway, but it’s the brick bases to the bollards that cause a particular problem.)

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  • Cycle path at junction of Trumpington and Brooklands problematic for trikes

    Created by Robert Watson // 1 thread

    On the northeast side of the Trumpington Road and Brooklands Ave junction, there’s a combined cycle and foot path around the corner that suffers two problems that make trike use problematic in peak times:

    1. The path is quite narrow, and in one place there is a sign post. This path is quite narrow for use with a cargo trike even if no one else is on the path -- but if there are cyclists (especially cargo bikes/trikes) going in the other direction, the path is simply too narrow. Most of the time cyclists or pedestrians wait for one another, but this doesn’t always happen.
    2. The camber on the path is extremely steep, especially where there is a cut to allow cycles up off of Brooklands going east. Trikes are at substantial risk of tipping, especially if there isn’t a child or cargo in the trike and the centre of gravity is high.

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  • East Road wands too narrow at first

    Created by PHG // 1 thread

    Where the new wands on East road begin if heading from the Newmarket road underpass into East road is a layby outside Mackays. The placement of the wands initially mean there is insufficient room to cycle on the road, but the layby is potholed, making it difficult to ride through. After the layby the spacing is wider and they are much better.

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