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  • Removal of railings (where bikes are chained) at Addenbrookes

    Richard G // 1 thread

    I see Addenbrooke's have found a solution to all the bikes locked to the railings around by the front entrance.

    Not, as you might hope, by providing more cycle parking, but by removing the railings.

    I wandered around yesterday. There were 91 bikes parked outside of cycle rack spaces & 6 spaces free.

    should be interesting for anyone who usually cant park in a cycle space over the next few days


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  • Cobbles on NCN 11

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    There are three strips of cobbles across NCN11 here, or maybe they're setts. It seems bad to have these on a cycle route because they are unpleasant for cycling and especially bad to put them so near a junction because rider attention should be on the junction and other road users, rather than man-made problems with the road surface.

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  • Abbey To Addenbrookes

    Created by Al Storer // 1 thread

    A lot of attention is given, especially by the council, to the radial routes. This is OK. But what about this key (partial) orbital?

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  • Dangerous corner for cycling at Storey's Way

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    Bikes leaving the cul-de-sac, heading East, have to cross traffic twice. There is poor visibility and vehicles rat-run through the area.

    With the North West Cambridge development coming forward, this problem will get worse in time.

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  • Commuting and Health – Research and Policy Forum

    Created by David Earl // 0 threads

    We (Cambridge Cycling Campaign) have received an invitation to this event: Commuting and Health – Research and Policy Forum
    Wednesday 21 January 2015, 10.00am – 2.00pm
    Free, but registration required.

    "The way we travel can affect our health and the health of people around us. In the Commuting and Health in Cambridge study funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), researchers have been following the travel and physical activity patterns of commuters since 2009, seeking to understand more about why people use different modes of transport and how this is related to physical activity, health and wellbeing. A key aim of the study has been to assess the impact of new transport infrastructure in the form of the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway, which opened in 2011 and provides dedicated traffic-free facilities for buses, cyclists and pedestrians."

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  • Tenison Ave parking restriction

    Created by Hester Wells // 1 thread

    "Following a request for a vehicular access outside of 27 Tenison Avenue it is

    proposed to revoke a 5 metre length of Residents Parking Bay and replace it with

    double yellow lines.

    If you wish to object to any of these proposals you should send the grounds for

    objection in writing to to reach us by no

    later than 19th September 2014 quoting reference PR0147."

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  • Chicane installed by Astra Zeneca developers on guided bus track

    Created by James Gilbert // 1 thread

    The Astra Zeneca developers (I assume) have installed a chicane made from two plastic roadwork blocks, plus a little "Chicane Ahead" warning sign on the down slope of the guided busway path as it approaches Francis Crick Avenue.

    I assume that the idea is to slow down cyclists, but I don't see why this is any more necessary than it was before their building site was created. I think it will make collisions between cyclists, or between cyclists and pedestrians, more likely.

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  • BikeBus Explorer - Sunday+BankHoliday service - Any user comments?

    Created by Rohan Wilson // 1 thread

    Bike Bus Explorer tows a 30-bike(?) trailer. Picks/drops bikes at Cambridge Station, Brooklands Avenue, Barton Rd then a linear route to Wimpole, and a ring from Arrington via Hatley, Gamlingay, Gransdens, Longstowe.

    It leaves the station Sunday and Bank Holidays at 09:00, 11:30, 14:30, 17:00. Last return to Cambridge arrives 19:12.

    A leaflet gives info about the rural destinations including Wildlife Trust sites, and a map showing the bus route, stops and suggested rural cycle rides. Operations exclude Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day, suggesting it operates all year.

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  • Maids Causeway toucan crossing cycle detectors not working

    Created by Stefan Kaye // 1 thread

    For several weeks now, ever since part of the surface of the path was repaired, the cycle detector loops at the crossing of Maids Causeway from Midusummer Common to Fair Street have not been working. This means that cyclists using the crossing have stop and press the button unless the road is already completely clear. Does anyone know any more about this problem, and to whom should a complaint be addressed?

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  • "Car-free" 15 flats behind Aldi, Histon Road 14/1254/FUL

    Created by Rohan Wilson // 0 threads

    3-floors block 15 flats hidden rear of industrial building behind Aldi.

    Nominally car-free (ie provides no on-site car parking beyond one space for disabled) but the flimsy Transport Assessment (Conclusions 5.5) says "....surveys on existing on-street parking on local routes have identified some capacity for additional parking demand generated by the development, should residents at the development choose to own a vehicle." This acts against the (so far undelivered) scheme to eliminate car parking on Histon Road and instal cycle lanes. There is space in front of the industrial shed, and "parking" appears there on the site plan.

    This seems to be a re-application, developer suggests the only issue left to be resolved is (personal) security on the remote access route. However the police ALO doesn't like it.

    Car-free: interesting, but this instance looks very dodgy.
    The TA instances other Cambridge "car-free" flat developments - do they really work?

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  • Consultation (by 26Sep'14) - to end max car parking standards?

    Created by Rohan Wilson // 1 thread

    Quote: para 2.77 "The Government supports the motorist and wants to see adequate parking provision for them...."

    Question 2.16: Do you agree that parking policy should be strengthened to tackle on-street parking problems by restricting powers to set maximum parking standards?

    Not a simple issue, but probably worth CCyC's commenting.

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  • Lammas Land

    Created by Monica Frisch // 2 threads

    There are various cycle routes across Lammas Land and along the southern edge. There are already the following Cyclescape threads:

    #126 cycle path on Lammas Land (proposal for a new cycle path on the southern side of Lammas Land)
    #329 Lammas Land car park route improvements (as far as I can tell this covers much the same issue as #126)
    #986 route obstructed at Lammas Land

    I am about to create a new thread for lighting on Lammas Land, as there's a trial and consultation underway

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  • NCN route 11 and the Waterbeach Gap

    Created by Rohan Wilson // 1 thread

    I've visited Riverside to Waterbeach with William Rayner of county cycling team. He's revising signage here and providing it along the St Ives corridor, with the old NCN 51 being renamed Regional Route 24 (blue patch). We've decided finally to continue to sign NCN 11 from Riverside Bridge to Waterbeach Station, and he's looking at suitable (hopefully temporary) wording to advise to follow NCN 51 to Bottisham for destinations beyond Waterbeach, which will hopefully eliminate misrouting those from outside the area.

    Our inspection of existing signs showed that only one new signboard was provided on completion 5 years ago of Riverside Bridge. Signboards still send people via Green Dragon. Sustrans considers signage is an important part of any route project.

    The intention is to sign Milton Country Park as a destination, not as part of the route, removing route signs within the park, and probably retaining Coles Road as the signed route through the village, though it would be much preferable to have improvements past the shops and the village green, pubs etc.

    Retaining the route to Waterbeach as NCN will help keep the gap in people's awareness.

    I am planning to contact again the landowner of the missing link between Bottisham Lock and Fen Road, Lode with a suggestion for a low-level route, southeast side of the Bottisham Lode floodbank which is the route of the public footpath, where signs forbid cycling. It might be considered more visually acceptable. All parish councils are for the route, including the one of which he is a member.

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  • Obstructive cycle parking installation, Mill Road

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    Cycle parking as recently been installed on the pavement at one spot on Mill Road.

    While new cycle parking is much-needed in this area, personally I feel this specific spot is unduly obstructive to pedestrians and the disabled.

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  • Mill Rd depot housing site

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 4 threads

    The Mill Road depot site has been mooted as a likely housing location in the Local Plan.

    We should ensure that the proposals are cycle friendly (possibly car-free or very low-car housing), and that the route is safeguarded for the Chisholm Trail.

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