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Listed issues, most recent first, limited to the area of Cambridge Cycling Campaign:

  • Rustat Road Building Site

    Phil Wigglesworth // 1 thread

    They're building lots of flats off Rustat Road, which is on a major cycle route and also is the main area for freloading railway station users.

    There are some issues with control of the building work, specifically:
    - trucks blocking Fanshawe and Rustat Road at peak times causing dangers to cyclists
    - mud on the road making the Fanshawe/ Rustat road junction dangerous

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  • 15/1522/FUL Demolition of Daedalus House and construction of a new 7 storey office building - Station Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 2RE

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    Demolition of Daedalus House and construction of a new 7 storey office building comprising of 9026 sqm (GEA) of office floorspace (class B1); cycle parking spaces; associated plant; hard and soft landscaping; a basement with 51 car parking spaces and 7 motorcycle bays; infrastructure works. | Daedalus House Station Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 2RE

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  • Lack of cycle routes to Cambridge Business Park, Waterbeach

    Created by David Green // 1 thread

    My employer is planning to relocate from central cambridge to the Cambridge Business Park (near Waterbeach). There is currently no decent cycle (or footpath!) access to this business park which avoids riding along the A10. I am a confident cyclist but I am not looking forward to riding to work along sections of the A10.

    Are there any plans for cycle route construction which the campaign can, perhaps, help accelerate?

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  • Planning application : 15/1369/FUL Erection of 23 residential units on Histon Road

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    Erection of 23 residential units (use class C3) to be arranged in two blocks comprising a mix of studio and 1 & 2 bed flats including 40% affordable housing, two car parking spaces, cycle parking and associated hard and soft landscaping.

    149B Histon Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB4 3JD

    Application reference : 15/1369/FUL

    23 residential apartment units comprising 22 x 1-bed and studio units and 1 x 2 bed unit

    Transport statement:
    There will be no onsite car parking
    There will be 26 cycle parking spaces (the minimum requirement is 24)
    States (in paragraph 6.3) that the cycle parking will meet the requirements from the local plan 2006:
    >Cycle racks or stands should conform to the design and dimension requirements.
    >For residential, cycle parking should be within a covered lockable enclosure. The cycle parking should be accessible and convenient to use.
    >All cycle parking should be designed to minimise conflict between cycles and motor vehicles.

    There are no details or drawings of the proposed cycle parking provision in the transport statement.

    Floor Plans:
    The floor plans for A and B indicate there will be two enclosed cycle store areas, one on the ground floor of each block. There are no details of what type of racks will be used. Although the drawing indicates sheffield stands (8 for block A = 16 cycles) (5 for block B = 10 cycles).

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  • Planning application 15/1309/FUL at King's College School where cycling in school grounds is banned

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    The following planning application has been submitted. This may be an opportunity to raise through the planning system the inappropriateness that vehicles can be driven into the site but not people cannot cycle (I believe). As the planning application includes public access to the new facilities, the ability for people to cycle direct to the buildings is relevant to the public.


    Demolition of old chorister block and netball court and erection of new sports hall, gym/studio and changing rooms including new pedestrian access and landscaping.

    Kings College School West Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB3 9DN

    Application reference : 15/1309/FUL

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  • Lighting for Green Spaces

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    We have been invited by the City Council to join a meeting to discuss lighting for green spaces. Is this something we would like to partake in and if so who is the best representative for the Campaign.

    The draft agenda is:

    · Introductions

    · Where we are now

    · What we want to achieve

    · Discussion on Lighting for Green Spaces

    · AOB

    The meeting will be held at the Guildhall in Cambridge, final details to be confirmed once the date and agenda are agreed.

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  • Addenbrooke's Forum site: 18,000sqm Research Lab - 6 AUG

    Created by Rohan Wilson // 1 thread

    15/1227/FUL | Erection of a new 18,000sqm research laboratory building (Use Class B1 (b)) and associated works. | Puddicombe Way Cambridge

    Site Plan shows "Cycle Storage" adjacent to the hotel? site to the east.

    Red line extending to Robinson Way (north of Francis Crick roundabout), Puddicombe Way and including half the Forum area suggests intention to secure good transport links.

    Essential to remedy poor walking/cycling layout at foot of busway/cycleway bridge, and secure easy access to (across?) the bus/cycleway's extension to The Forum, where the intention may be to continue cycleway on southern side only of busway.

    Standard Consultation Expiry Date Thu 06 Aug 2015

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  • awkward cycle junction

    Richard G // 1 thread

    the junction of Consort Avenue and the old service road alongside Hauxton Road seems to have been designed specially to hold up cyclists

    It has two button controlled crossings, over a lightly used road, and I would expect it to be ignored by every single cyclist.

    A simple, "Give Way" should be perfectly sufficient I would have thought

    Was any comment made when this was designed/proposed?

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  • City centre access strategy

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 3 threads

    The City Council has been working on a City Centre Access Strategy to deal with the problem of obstructions, including inconsiderately-parked bikes. This is to be considered formally by a City Council Committee.

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  • Cambridge Station Eastern Entrance

    Created by John Hall // 1 thread

    The Greater Anglia franchise is due for renewal in October 2016 and the process has already started. It is quite unsusal to have a station serving such a large number of passengers with access on only one side o the tracks. This situation leads to many more and longer car journeys along Mill Road, Cherry Hinton Road and Hills Road.

    There is an existing access via (non-residential) Clifton Road to the east side of the station and there is vacant land. We need to argue the case for an eastern entrance to the station, along with cycle parking and pedestrian access. There is a mainly empty car park on the other side of the tracks. We should also try to include a link from the Carter bridge to the new cycle park.

    Interested parties
    3 shortlisted franchises
    local MPs
    Minister responsible (Clare Perry MP)

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  • Proposed extra pedestrian and cycle access points to Cambridge Business Park.

    Created by Richard Taylor // 1 thread

    Proposal for three new pedestrian and cycle access points to Cambridge Business Park. The proposals are being made in light of the plans for an new station nearby.

    Representations from companies with premises on the business park - Redgate and Autonomy - have expressed concerns about security and the potential for people to try and park on the business park and then get on a train.

    The proposals are for the new accesses to be gated to restrict general public access.

    The proposals include a connection to the potential cycleway along the line of the disused railway.

    Cambridge Business Park Cowley Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB4 0WZ

    Application reference: 15/0919/FUL

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  • Sign at end of Ferry Lane

    Created by Violinist John // 1 thread

    Noticed this a couple of weeks ago. As you will see the sign is incomplete and misleading given that the place to see all the details is the end of Ferry Lane waiting to join High Street. High Street at this point is both Route 51 and Route 11.

    Major points:

    Left turn to go to Impington on Route 51 - I think not.
    Abbey and Fen Ditton to the left when you could just go back across Green Dragon bridge.
    No directions to Histon, Milton, Waterbeach probably others.

    Also the lack of any idea where route 11 goes to the right.

    This appears to be one of a number of new signs that have recently appeared. If anyone has seen any more let's get the info out there and try to get them fixed.

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  • 15/0988/FUL Chemistry dept tank relocation: inc. cycle parking facilities

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 3 threads

    Relocation of the existing liquid nitrogen (LN2) tank, Denios unit and cycle parking facilities.

    Department Of Chemistry Lensfield Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB2 1EW

    Application reference: 15/0988/FUL

    Introduction of two tiered cycle parking to maintain the same number of parking spaces.

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  • Collision on Roundabout - From Trumpington Road North onto Fens Causeway

    Created by holmestm // 1 thread

    Just wanted to report a collision on 1/6/15 at about 1700 between myself and a car in Cambridge.

    Travelling South on Trumpington Road, turning into Fens Causeway I was hit by a car travelling North at the roundabout. There are three lanes of traffic heading north, the outmost car gave way correctly but the car in the second lane for whatever reason chose to accelerate onto the roundabout and hit me square on. I heard the noise of a revving engine, turned and watched the car drive straight into me. I felt the bonnet of the car as it hit and heard the sound of the impact, have a vague recollection about spinning through the air then hitting the tarmac. Although I was wearing a helmet it didn't help as I landed on my right buttock, back and leg.

    Fortunately there were several witnesses including medically trained people who left their cars to help; the driver of the car involved remained in his car.

    The police took about 25 minutes to arrive and the ambulance about 10 minutes after that.

    I have nothing but praise for everyone who stopped and helped, the police, the paramedics and the A&E staff at Addenbrookes. The driver of the car knows what I think of him as I was quite vocal when he tried to get involved. He apparently told the police that I had 'cut the corner' of the roundabout. I'm not sure what he meant by this, nor was the police officer.

    I count myself very lucky. Although I've been off work since the collision, I have no broken bones - just serious bruising, a lot of pain in my back and hip which I'm assuming will go away eventually. The ironic thing is that I'd been cycling from Melbourn to Hills Road since the previous week up and down the A10, and had decided to try a different route over Chapel Hill as I thought it might be safer.

    I'm curious though, does this junction not have a history of collisions? I can recall seeing at least one there myself in the past. What is the recommended route for cyclists travelling this route?

    I took the advice of the Campaign website and contacted Cycleaid for legal advice. I'll report back the outcome as things progress if anyone is interested.

    BTW not sure how to draw a route on the map AND mark the collision point, so I've just done the latter.

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