This section lists issues - problems on the street network and related matters.

Issues always relate to some geographical location, whether very local or perhaps city-wide.

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Listed issues, most recent first, limited to the area of Cambridge Cycling Campaign:

  • 16/0726/LBC Refurbishment of restaurant currently known as 'Bella Italia'

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    Refurbishment of ground floor restaurant currently known as 'Bella Italia'. Removal of some internal partition walls and archways. Existing wc area remodelled with new fittings. New disabled access wc installed. New lighting, flooring and decoration. Replacement of bar and fittings. Repair / refurbishment of waterwheel. New external signage. External woodwork repair and redecoration.

    Newnham Mill Newnham Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB3 9EY


    Application reference : 16/0726/LBC

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  • 16/0673/FUL Cambridge Union Society redevelopment

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 2 threads

    Demolition of ancillary buildings and removal of 1930's facade at the grade II listed Cambridge Union Society. Construction of replacement facade, reinstatement and refurbishment of historic features and internal and external access and refurbishment works including enlargement of existing cafe (use class A3) and re-opening of 'footlight's' entertainment space (sui generis). Demolition of squash courts and un-listed 3-5 Round Church Street in the conservation area. Construction of new link building for access and ancillary uses for the Union Society. Construction of adjacent new building with ground floor restaurant (use class A3) with 41 room post-graduate student accommodation above (use class C2) together with basement storage and services.

    Cambridge Union Society 9A Bridge Street Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB2 1UB

    Application reference : 16/0673/FUL

    Also a Listing Building Consent application: 16/0674/LBC Demolition of ancillary buildings and removal of 1930's facade at the grade II listed Cambridge Union Society

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  • 16/0594/FUL | Erection of restaurant and landscaping including outdoor seating area and children's play area, together with relocation of cycle parking,

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    16/0594/FUL | Erection of restaurant and landscaping including outdoor seating area and children's play area, together with relocation of cycle parking, revision to servicing bay and associated infrastructure. | Cambridge Leisure Park Clifton Way Cambridge Cambridgeshire

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  • 16/0641/FUL 14 houses/apartments at 68 - 80 Perne Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 3RR

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    16/0641/FUL | Residential development comprising 8 x 3 bedroom houses, 5 x 1 bedroom apartments and 1 x 2 bedroom apartment, formation of access including demolition of no. 74 Perne Road, landscaping, open space, drainage and supporting infrastructure. | 68 - 80 Perne Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 3RR

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  • Petty Cury Cambridge

    Created by Heron // 2 threads

    I am mostly a walking pedestrian in our fair city of Cambridge.

    There are not many areas where I can walk without being mown down by unexpected cyclists.

    Please, please alert yr members that Petty Cury is a no riding a bike area. There are other areas within Cambridge, Christs Pieces areas - Fitzroy and Burleigh Street.

    These areas are thronged with slow moving pedestrians often with children running about

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  • Trixi mirrors needed to see around the corner

    Created by Anna Langley // 1 thread

    This bend where Hobson Street and St Andrew's Street meet, is quite a blind one. Buses and taxis go around it at speed, unaware of bikes coming the other way in the contraflow, and frequently take a line which could knock a cyclist off their bike. Likewise bike riders can't see what's coming.

    It needs something like a couple of trixi mirrors so that drivers and riders alike can see around the corner and know what's coming.

    Such a solution should be simple and cheap, and as far as I know, not need too much bureaucracy.

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  • Parking on the towpath entrance

    Created by Anna Langley // 1 thread

    A dropped kerb was created here to make it easier for cyclists (in particular) to get onto and off the towpath. Since then, and even more so since the demolition of the Penny Ferry pub, cars and vans have been using the space as a car park. Vehicles are parked there daily, and I have been photographing them as I go past. I have included a link so you can see what I mean.

    I've contacted my county and city councillors, and the council itself. And the response has been silence.

    Suggestions please...

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  • Charging for car parking on Cambridge University sites

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    Cambridge University is proposing to introduce charging for car parking.

    This is potentially an opportunity to see improvements in cycle parking at the same time.

    "The Project Board recognises that this is a topic of considerable interest to the University and its staff, particularly the set of principles the HR Committee has recommended consulting on - namely that:

    - Car park charging should be introduced,
    - Charging should be salary-contingent and that salary sacrifice should apply if possible,
    - Management of permit allocation should be centralised,
    - There should be a maximum permit allocation per site,
    - Revenues generated should be ringfenced to support alternative modes of travel such as buses, trains and cycling."

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  • Blockage of cycle lane by street light replacement

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    Yet again, Balfour Beatty are doing an utterly shocking job on the street light replacements. I thought there was a thread about this somewhere but I can't find it thus can't find if we've got any contacts to directly complain to.

    Basically, there's a large hole in the pavement around where I've put the pointer - not sure that's 100% accurate since I was occupied with other things. So the cycle lane is closed to allow pedestrians somewhere to walk.

    That has been fine this week as it's the school holidays and there is virtually no traffic to speak of. Come Monday, when Hills Road is nose-to-tail gridlock, cyclists will be double and pedestrians probably doubled, it's going to be dangerous chaos. The pedestrian route will not actually be wide enough for all the pedestrians that walk along there on a school day - they will be queuing to get through, let alone the effect of all the 'stuck' cyclists who can't get into the car lane as that's queuing all the way to Cherry Hinton Road.

    What is particularly annoying is that this hole has been there all week with no change.

    Basically yet again, they've just dug holes, stuck up obstructions and gone off leaving them. How about digging the hole, doing the work, and filling in the hole in a timely manner. This whole now four-year operation has been a shambles from beginning to end.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for direct phone numbers or email addresses so I can complain?

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  • Create Cycle Portals

    Created by Jon Jennings // 3 threads

    Public transport is limited as it does not give a door to door service making it impracticable for many people, and also it's slow on congested roads. Cycling does give that flexibility of allowing people to travel as and where they want quickly, however is no good for most people who need to travel more than 5 miles. Sitting in my car on the way to work, in a traffic jam, watching all the cranes and building work going on in Cambridge bringing more people into the area, I was wondering how to solve this conundrum.
    So I hit upon the idea of having Cycle Portals, or simply put combining public transport with cycles. For example by running a roll on roll off Bus between Is Ives and Cambridge, commuters could cycle the first part of their journey from home to the "Cycle Portal" and cycle onto a open plan bus ( i.e. a modified bendy bus with big doors and no seats ). The bus would wiz along the busway to the "Exit Portal" in Cambridge where they could disembark and continue their journeys to wherever.
    The more I think about it the more I think this has great potential at creating a real alternative to the car. With Cycle Portals to places like Addenbrookes, Sawston, new housing developments outside of Cambridge and so on cycling could provide a quick door to door transport solution. Your views?

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  • Calorie counter (reliable)?

    Created by Skippy62 // 1 thread

    Hi all again!... i would like to find out how many calories i am burning... anyone know of a reliable calorie counter?...
    I recently did a cycle of 13 miles, in 70 mins (ave 12.2 mph).. how do i work out my cals? one of my wifes reckoner says 745 cals, my bike computer says 260 cals "my fitness pal" (calorie counter app) says 725 cals. I was just wondering?
    Any help would be appreciated!

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  • Excessive Punctures on Bus-way Cycle path?

    Created by Skippy62 // 1 thread

    Hello All! I have only been a member for a few days, but have a question:
    Does anyone else get an inordinate number of punctures on the Cycle path on the Bus-way between St Ives & Histon? I have had 4 punctures in 6 trips!!!! Bike is new, (Raleigh Pioneer) has Schwalbe Silento puncture-resistant tyres, Pumped up hard! Size 700c x 35.
    I don't ride over brambles/barbed-wire/broken bottles (lol). When i mentioned this to a local bike shop, i was told by the shop assistant, that punctures on the Bus-way are common, & he would never use it!!!!. I'm in my '50s, & am trying to lose a bit of middle-aged spread!, & absolutely love cycling along the Bus-way, peaceful, tranquil,looking at the scenery etc, & it's not too huge a journey to cause cardiac arrest!!!I live in Willingham, & if i stick to roads, i don't get punctures, but i don't get the same pleasure as on the (peaceful) Cycle-way.
    Sorry to have waffled on... i put it down to my age!!!
    Any thoughts?...Anyone?.. or have i just been very unlucky?
    Thanks for your time :)

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  • Poor lane marking eastbound at Park and Ride on Madingley Road

    Created by Ben Brierton // 1 thread

    The new road layout here means that eastbound cyclists travelling straight-on find themselves in the left-turn lane, stopped by a Red light, and blocking traffic turning left into the Park and Ride who have a Green left turn filter.

    The road markings seem to expect cyclists in this lane to go straight ahead, even though it's the left turn lane, because it is guided into the onward eastbound cycle lane. Just feels wrong and leaves cyclists vulnerable to the left turning traffic.

    There should be a 'redmac' cycle lane between the left turn lane and the right hand lane. The road markings should guide cyclists from this lane into the eastbound cycle lane instead of from the left turn lane.

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  • Lack of westbound cycle lane before M11 on Madingley Road

    Created by Ben Brierton // 1 thread

    The new road layout on the westbound approach to M11 turning on Madingley Road has poor provision for cyclists.

    Cyclists going westbound now have to take the second lane for a few hundred metres with traffic passing at speed on both sides. Traffic passing in the left lane will be taking the slip road onto the M11 and traffic in the second lane will be going straight on.

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  • Historic Core Conservation Area Appraisal

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    Cambridge City Council is consulting on an update to its Historic Core Conservation Area Appraisal.

    The Historic Core Conservation Area Appraisal covers 70+ streets in the city centre which are defined according to their significance. This significance can be their historical, architectural or social impact on the character and appearance of Cambridge.

    The original appraisal, which was published in 2006, has been reviewed to ensure that it is up to date with any new developments within the city centre, and that any new pressures on the historic heart of Cambridge are recognised. This revised document is now out to public consultation.

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  • 16/0165/FUL Erection of a building for Biotech and Biomedical research. Abcam Building Cambridge Biomedical Campus

    Erection of a building for Biotech and Biomedical research and development and production together with associated supporting Headquarters and Logistics function along with associated infrastructure to include; access, services, drainage, electric and gas infrastructure, external ancillary structures, car and cycle parking and hard and soft landscaping.

    Land South Of Dame Mary Archer Way Cambridge Biomedical Campus Cambridge Cambridgeshire
    Application reference:
    Date application was made:
    Official application:

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  • Department of Transport’s Shared Electric Bike Programme in Chesterton

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    Compass Bikes, looks at deploying e-bikes (Raleigh Captus models) with community groups and housing providers, of which one is Hundred Houses in Chesterton. In short, the 5 e-bikes will be stationed at Hundred Houses’ head office on Scotland Road, and made available to staff and residents on a shared usage basis for a six month trial (launching March 14th)

    Should there be any potential collaboration angles Compass Bikes would be very keen to discuss these further.

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  • Western Orbital - M11 bus link - City Deal

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 3 threads

    Another City Deal consultation we should be aware of. Closes 21st March.

    Western Orbital

    We welcome your views on initial ideas to create a ‘Western Orbital’, a new, fast and reliable link for buses between the west and south of Cambridge either along or near the M11. Other improvements aimed at encouraging people to travel by bus or cycle for all or parts of their journeys are also suggested.

    Currently taking the bus from Madingley Road to Addenbrooke’s Hospital requires travelling through the city centre, which can often be congested, making journeys slow and unreliable. According to Stagecoach’s timetables, journeys on the Uni 4 service take 32 minutes to complete this 5 mile route.

    Journeys on a ‘Western Orbital’ link between M11 Junction 13/Madingley Road and Addenbrooke’s Hospital would take around:

    18 to 19 minutes on a route along the M11
    15 to 16 minutes on a route very near to the M11 to either the east or west

    A ‘Western Orbital’ link between Junction 11 (Trumpington) and Junction 13 (Madingley Road) would:

    Connect to and from major housing and employment sites: Trumpington Meadows; Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the Biomedical Campus; the West Cambridge site; the North West Cambridge site as well as an onward link to Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge Business Park and the future Cambridge North Rail Station
    Connect to the existing Busway in the south at Trumpington and in the north at Orchard Park via new developments in North West Cambridge

    Creating ‘orbital’ bus and cycle links would encourage sustainable travel and offer an alternative to travelling through the city centre. Dedicated off-road cycling routes encourage travel by bike and offer a safer alternative to busy roads.

    We need your feedback in order to help improve these initial ideas and shape the scheme. These proposals will only go ahead with landowner agreements and public support and are subject to the decision of elected politicians on the City Deal Executive Board.

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  • Right turn from St Andrew's St into Downing Street

    Created by Anna Langley // 2 threads

    This intersection needs a right turn light for bikes turning from St Andrew's Street into the Downing Street contraflow lane.

    Doing so feels unsafe with buses coming up from behind, and little opportunity to get across the intersection.

    I'm considering setting up a 38 Degrees petition on the matter, but wanted to see if this issue had been campaigned on before.

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