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  • NCN route 11 and the Waterbeach Gap

    Created by Rohan Wilson // 1 thread

    I've visited Riverside to Waterbeach with William Rayner of county cycling team. He's revising signage here and providing it along the St Ives corridor, with the old NCN 51 being renamed Regional Route 24 (blue patch). We've decided finally to continue to sign NCN 11 from Riverside Bridge to Waterbeach Station, and he's looking at suitable (hopefully temporary) wording to advise to follow NCN 51 to Bottisham for destinations beyond Waterbeach, which will hopefully eliminate misrouting those from outside the area.

    Our inspection of existing signs showed that only one new signboard was provided on completion 5 years ago of Riverside Bridge. Signboards still send people via Green Dragon. Sustrans considers signage is an important part of any route project.

    The intention is to sign Milton Country Park as a destination, not as part of the route, removing route signs within the park, and probably retaining Coles Road as the signed route through the village, though it would be much preferable to have improvements past the shops and the village green, pubs etc.

    Retaining the route to Waterbeach as NCN will help keep the gap in people's awareness.

    I am planning to contact again the landowner of the missing link between Bottisham Lock and Fen Road, Lode with a suggestion for a low-level route, southeast side of the Bottisham Lode floodbank which is the route of the public footpath, where signs forbid cycling. It might be considered more visually acceptable. All parish councils are for the route, including the one of which he is a member.

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  • Obstructive cycle parking installation, Mill Road

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    Cycle parking as recently been installed on the pavement at one spot on Mill Road.

    While new cycle parking is much-needed in this area, personally I feel this specific spot is unduly obstructive to pedestrians and the disabled.

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  • Mill Rd depot housing site

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 4 threads

    The Mill Road depot site has been mooted as a likely housing location in the Local Plan.

    We should ensure that the proposals are cycle friendly (possibly car-free or very low-car housing), and that the route is safeguarded for the Chisholm Trail.

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  • Inappropriate surface treatment for cycle route ie Fen Road, Milton

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    I've had a letter from the council. Not sure if someone put a copy through my door as they knew I was interested in the Fen Road, Milton, as it's dated 30th June which is over two weeks ago.

    I think "suface dressing" ie loose chippings, is a totally inappropriate treatment for a road which has not that much motor traffic and rather a lot of cycle traffic. The loose chippings will be a skid and physical hazard for cyclists for months to come.

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  • Addenbrooke's bike parking

    Richard G // 2 threads

    I've had a wander around the Addenbrooke's campus again this lunchtime, counting bikes that were not in what I would call bike spaces.
    ie not in a proper bike space, attached to a proper bike support.

    so, all the ones attached to railings, trees, bike shed legs etc.

    I've added the numbers to the last few times I've done this, back in 2011 & 2007

    July 2014 Total bikes not in racks = 530
    Oct 2011 Total was 526
    Jun 2007 Total was 399
    Mar 2007 Total was 289

    I'll see if I can attach my map & numbers to this thread


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  • Addenbrooke's bike group meeting report

    Richard G // 4 threads

    Hi everyone

    A short report back from yesterday's BUG-WAG
    (bicycle user group - walking action group) on the Addenbrooke's campus

    The junction of Adrian Way & Long Road had the origional plan for a bike right turn island rejected on the grounds of pedestrian safety. Nothing was forthcoming as to any change

    units and departments are being encouraged to take part in the Cambridge Cycle Challenge

    After the meeting with some campaign members about the path/junction by outpatients carpark, new plans are being drawn up without the barrier & in effect, just a T juntion. Not sure if planners will insist on 'STOP' or 'Give Way' signs. We hope to be informed.

    there are some changes to existing cycle parking, some racks being relocated away from the main drag to make more disabled parking spaces. Railings around the front entrance are being removed with the effect that bikes chained to them will have to go somewhere else. The trust seem to think that they have an excess of spaces for bikes, but that cyclists dont always travel further to use them. I'm really not convinced they have an excess & will be doing another sitewide count of bikes/spaces soon
    There still does not seem to be any bigger plan to place cycle parking as the site developments happen, rather just a piecemeal approach where everyone does their own thing.

    A (i think big) issue that was brought up is where 'The Forum' development works & access plans were seen for the first time.
    The Forum is the building that will go on the carparks opposite ATC, and around the Frank Lee. A bus stop will close, foot paths will close and the most concern to the group was that hoardings will go up on the actual curb line. We thought this would make a very intimidating route to cycle eastbound along Robinson Way. We are expecting a scan of the plans & I will circulate (as part of a new thread)

    There were some other info bits about the Hills Road changes (happening), cycleway lighting, the OWL bike maintenance people's hours and the potential impact of the Park & Ride charges starting next week


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  • New slip road A14 westbound to M11 southbound

    Created by David Earl // 1 thread

    The DfT have written to us with a proposed TRO to replace the sliproad from westbound A14 at Girton to southbound M11. This is also part of the widening scheme between Histon and Girton, but this aspect requires an order to give the lane motorway status. The main effect seems to be to lengthen the A14 part of the slip road to reduce queues on the main A14.

    I don't think anything particular needs doing with this, so I don't plan to scan the correspondence, but if anyone wants if, please ask.

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  • West/Central Area Committee

    Created by Al Storer // 9 threads

    Area Committees are a joint meeting attended by both city and county councillors. They decide on planning issues in the area, but also have a role in the allocation of community development money from S106 contributions. They offer an opportunity to engage with multiple councillors at once, through the Open Forum section and speaking on specific Agenda items. The East Area's website is here:

    Speaking at these meetings is a good way of making your feelings on matters the councils control public

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  • Herbert Street

    Sam // 1 thread

    Herbert St is one of the closest streets to the centre of town that has free on-road parking. As a result, it's a little chaotic.

    Councillors are working towards resident only parking (and seem to have been for some time).

    Given that it's part of the cycle route from Midsummer common, and has small gardens, narrow pavements etc, is it worth seeing if there can be some cycle stands added or some other improvements at the same time?

    There are some by the co-op on Chesterton Road, of which about half seem to be used by residents.

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