This section lists issues - problems on the street network and related matters.

Issues always relate to some geographical location, whether very local or perhaps city-wide.

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Listed issues, most recent first, limited to the area of Cambridge Cycling Campaign:

  • S/3223/15/FL K1 development (42 cohousing dwellings), Orchard Park

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    42 low-energy cohousing dwellings plus ancillary facilities including a common house, workshop, car and cycle parking, refuse storage, relocation of an electricity substation, associated access and landscaping

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  • Improved cycling facilities on A603 in Barton

    Created by Anne Clarke // 1 thread

    The current Barton to Cambridge off road cycle path starts at the White Horse in Barton. During term time Cambridge bound traffic is now backed up and slow moving throughout Barton along the A603. This leaves no clear safe route for cyclists. The road has white hatchings down the middle and would be wide enough for a proper on-road cycle lane to leave a safe passage past the queuing vehicles.

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  • Jupiter House 10 Station Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 2JD

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    The demolition of Jupiter House and the construction of a new office building comprising 5,654 sqm (GIA) of Class B1(a) floorspace including ancillary accommodation/facilities with a single basement of 1,715 sqm (GIA) providing 37 car parking spaces, with associated plant and new sub-station, 193 cycle parking spaces at street level and two options for provision of access to the development and for hard and soft landscaping.

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  • Eastfield development. Erection of 50 new affordable houses, following demolition of 26 existing dwellings 15/2321/FUL

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 3 threads

    Erection of 50 new affordable houses, following demolition of 26 existing dwellings (Nos 46-60 and 66-75 Eastfield), and associated highway works, landscaping and public open space provision.

    See pages 20 and 21 of D&A statement for car parking and cycle storage. (No specifics provided)

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  • Fulbourn/Cherry Hinton Eastern Access - City Deal scheme

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    Fulbourn/Cherry Hinton Eastern Access is one of the five City Deal 'cross-city improvements' schemes.

    "The growth of housing and employment sites in the Cherry Hinton and Fulbourn Road area, such as the expansion of the ARM headquarters will put further pressure on local roads. Improving the cycleways on Fulbourn Road would enhance cycle access to the city centre and contribute to the completion of the cycleway network in this part of south-east Cambridge."

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  • Hills Road cycleway extension to Addenbrooke's - City Deal scheme

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    Hills Road and Addenbrooke's Route is one of the five City Deal 'cross-city improvements' schemes.

    "This is a key route for people accessing local schools and sixth form colleges as well as the Biomedical Campus. The cycle facilities at the junction of Hills Road/Long Road/Queen Edith's Way are limited. The two proposed options aim to provide safer crossing for pedestrians and cyclists accessing the Biomedical Campus and local area."

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  • Ditton Lane - City Deal scheme

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    One of the five City Deal 'cross-city improvements' schemes is Ditton Lane.

    "National Cycle Network 11 and 52 (NCN 11 & NCN 51) crosses Ditton Lane near Fison Road and then runs parallel to the river Cam and connects the City Centre with East Cambridge. This route is extensively used by cyclists heading to Newmarket Park & Ride and Marshalls. In the future the route is also likely to be used by those travelling to the Wing housing development. This scheme will ensure imrpovements to the busy NCN 11 & NCN 51 and improve the links to the local area, Fen Ditton Primary School and Horningsea."

    See also issue 418.

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  • Addenbrooke's Station proposed

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 2 threads

    A third railway station for Cambridge, at Addenbrooke's has long been proposed, and there are signs of increasing interest in this proposal.

    Obviously we will want to ensure that any such development is as cycle-friendly as possible.

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  • Eastern Gate

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    The Eastern Gate proposals are a strategic attempt by the City Council to rework the Newmarket Road roundabout area towards a standard crossing, and create a welcoming entrance into this very run-down looking part of the city.

    It is supposed to be being paid for by Section 106 moneys from developments, yet proposal after proposal is coming forward but nothing is happening.

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  • Cycle crossing on Barton Road roundabout

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 2 threads

    I am writing to point your attention to a "danger spot" on the Barton Road cycle route.

    I and many others cycle this route every day and really appreciate how safe it is. However, there have been a number of near accidents at the sliproad from the M11 southbound onto the Barton roundabout. The problem is that the cycle path means that all cyclists must cross the road leading onto the roundabout. This is fine when the traffic is not busy. However, during rush hour the left lane going onto the roundabout is always queued up. This means that, to cross the the road, a cyclist needs to wait for a car to let them out. However, the problem lies with the right lane going onto the roundabout. If there is a queue in the left lane, you are unable to see into the right lane and so quite a few cyclists are nearly knocked off at this point

    The problem is that:

    a. The right lane is too short and so cyclists are unable to get out of the way in time if a car does not does turn onto it. It seems to me that there shouldn't be a right lane as it's too short to be of any use and poses more of a danger to cyclists.

    b. Cars tends to (understandably) be going quite fast as they've just come off the M11 and also are usually looking onto the roundabout rather than the road in front of them. This has meant that I've seen lots of cars having to break very heavily having only seen a bike crossing in front of them at the very last minute.

    I, and the other cyclists that routinely use this otherwise very safe route, would hugely appreciate it if this problem could be looked at.

    [RL; sent by post, 27th June 2015]

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  • East Road-safe cycle route needed to ARU and Petersfield

    Created by jennifer Kirner // 1 thread

    I am bringing up the problem that cyclists and pedestrians have crossing East Road to get to ARU and the neighbouring residential area. It would be helpful have a discussion about how to create safe routes in this area and how to get them implemented.

    When I am cycling, I find it dangerous and difficult to cross East Road from Petersfield or Bradmore Street and I resort to using the pedestrian crossings with my bike because it is.
    This area that really needs addressing for improvements to safe cycling and I don’t understand why given the expansion of ARU this has not been addressed.

    The junction of Mill Road/East Road is also pretty scary for cyclists and pedestrians. The crossing at the slip road at the corner of Petersfield is difficult for pedestrians because it has no traffic controls and cars come quickly round this corner making it dangerous for anyone who is not alert , who is not tall enough to see, or who can't move quickly. This includes the young, the old, someone in a wheelchair. I wouldn't fancy pushing a child in a buggy across either.
    Basically, it seems to me that the Junction and East road are designed for motor vehicles and traffic flow not for pedestrians and cyclists. Can we try and address this?

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  • Teversham bike route entrance blocked off

    Created by Claire Taylor // 1 thread

    I can't see a thread/issue about this, although it has been there for 9 months now.

    At the end of march this year, the metal barriers shown appeared in Teversham, by the school, along with a sign indicating that the bike route starts at the barriers.

    Previously the path started earlier, near the school. I can understand this wasn't ideal, due to the school being there, however, there is now no way to access the bike path legally except by riding up a kerb and across the grass.

    I have therefore been carefully riding up to the gate since then when using this route.

    I was annoyed about this an considered complaining at the time but I foolishly assumed as long as I was careful this was a live and let live situation and everyone would be fine with it, but today someone gave me abuse for this, so now I am annoyed and wondering who I can complain to about the restriction of the cycle route that was there previously.

    Incidentally there was nothing up in the area about this happening, although I cycle through there regularly. (I don't live in Teversham though).

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  • Access route to the Beehive Centre to be blocked by gate

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    The City Council is about to install a gate on Thursday 26th November 2015 which will basically block the access to the Beehive Centre, forcing cyclists onto a narrow pavement gap.

    The city council has written to residents living nearby to inform them of this; there has been no consultation or, as far as I'm aware, consultation with any organisation.

    The reason is to stop commuter parking on what is termed a 'private road' round the back of the houses; I am not convinced it is a private road. However, this is particularly galling since the same Councillor Blencowe mentioned in the letter also wrote to residents to state that they are not proceeding with a residents' parking zone, i.e. that commuter parking will continue to be permitted.

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  • South Area Committee Meetings

    Area Committees are a joint meeting attended by both city and county councillors. They decide on planning issues in the area, but also have a role in the allocation of community development money from S106 contributions. They offer an opportunity to engage with multiple councillors at once, through the Open Forum section and speaking on specific Agenda items. The South Area's website is here:

    Speaking at these meetings is a good way of making your feelings on matters the councils control public.

    The South Area Committee covers Cherry Hinton, Queen Edith's and Trumpington wards.

    If you live in one of these wards you have the opportunity of getting involved in the committee's work and giving your views and ideas about how to improve community life.

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  • Bus doing three point turn in Station Place/Brookgate junction

    Created by Sam Webster // 1 thread

    Today, I came across a bus doing a three point turn here. He was coming from the direction of the station and ended up going back that way. I was trying to turn right from Brookgate into the Busway and had to get off the road and onto the pavement so he could complete the maneuver. He was pretty rude about it as well - 'You going to move or what?'

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  • Disgraceful unloading practices by Tesco, East Road, Cambridge

    Created by Martin L-S // 1 thread

    Ever since Tesco opened their new shop on East Road, there has been poor unloading practice.

    The company is unloading always from the front of the store with a large lorry which:

    - Is stopped in the (advisory) cycle lane.
    - The tail of the lorry is opened into the carriageway without a banksman, with the corner of it at the same height as a cyclist having to merge round the lorry - there is real potential for a head injury because of the relative invisibility of this
    - Causing traffic to be reduced to one effective lane (or two, just squeezing through, if no large vehicles), causing delays for a half an hour period.

    They have stopped using the zig-zag lines.

    This photo shows the danger that is created:

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  • Safer Walking and Cycling between NW Cambridge and Girton

    Created by David MacKay FRS // 1 thread

    Our campaign for safer walking and cycling to/from NWCambridge now has a petition and a first video (of five) summarising our position.

    See our new video summarising our petition:

    I’d be delighted if you could promote this to your networks. Time is of the essence because a Senate House discussion is coming up [3 Nov 2015], and I will report the number of signatures on our petition there. (But signatures after the date will still be useful.)

    More information:

    The petition:

    Anyone is welcome to sign the petition; we ask people to use the Comment field to let us know if they are University Member / University employee / City resident / SouthCambs resident / etc.

    For twitter purposes the recommended hashtag is #EddingtonSafety and there is an @EddingtonSafety account too.

    Thanks very much


    David J C MacKay FRS

    Regius Professor of Engineering,
    Cambridge University Engineering Department

    Author of “Sustainable Energy - without the hot air”
    and “Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms”

    Girton resident and parent.
    Cambridge Cycling Campaign Member

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  • Cambridge region climate change strategies

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 4 threads Have your say about our Climate Change Strategy for 2016 to 2021 Consultation runs from 14 October 2015, 12:00am to 12 January 2016, 11:59pm Introduction and background Cambridge City Council is committed to supporting international efforts to mitigate climate change and to taking steps to support residents and businesses to respond to the effects of climate change. Consultation information We have produced a new draft Climate Change Strategy 2016 to 202 to provide a framework for our action from April 2016 to March 2021 to help address climate change. You are invited to give your views on the draft strategy by completing this consultation survey: Climate Change Strategy 2016 to 2021: Online survey This survey forms part of the public consultation on the Climate Change Strategy, which runs from 14 October 2015 to 12 January 2016. The strategy will replace our current Climate Change Strategy 2012 to 2016

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  • Parking on DNA path

    Created by Sam Webster // 1 thread

    There has been a marked increase in the number of vehicles parking by the path recently. To park where they have been must involve driving on the path. Today however, somebody decided that it was fine to park on the path making it tricky to get past.

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